VR SAvvy - VR AR services

Best solution is given only when problems are visualized from different perspectives in a best way. Our startup VRSavvy connects dots for you to solve problems by giving a different perspective to your problem using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies. Better visualization makes your decision correct and more authentic. Wefocus on Digital Twin Technology. VRSavvy is a budding company with a team full of young talents with a vision of making Art of Manufacturing, Transmission lines, Factory life into a Virtually Controllable Feature. We have bagged the first prize in India Smart Grid Week competition for featuring a new product from our startup.

Industrial Internet of Things

VRSavvyfocus not only on making things look visually real and creative through designs but also promises to deliver the system with Real Time data. Our hardware has a multi infrastructure support with a hardware core.

Virtual Reality Services

Virtually reality is one factor which makes our products more efficient and stable when compared to others. This technology is believed to be the next wide spread as mobile is nowadays , combining IIOT and VR.VRSavvy is one of the India's Multi Grid Digital twin based Innovation Company who are into virtual reality services in chennai.

Data Analytics

We provide you a Web Based App platform forremote walk through. We also provide network integrated hardware (IOT) if requiredfor collecting data if its not present already, Cloud for data warehousing and 3D file streamer, VR head gear and VR control hardware

We Provide x Dimensions for your Productions

We do

Remote Industrial Walkthrough

Complete Industrial Monitoring and Control device by replacing entire controlroom inside your hand held device. Live Data which are used to take actionable insights are streamed directly in 3D interface which are arranged spatially closer to that particular Equipment. Avoids confusions in taking decisions.

VR for Industrial Education

With the power of Virtual Reality we can enable any infrastructure to come live in front of your eyes with our Platform . So this becomes Trainer less visually engaging self pacedVirtual reality Knowledge transfer Platform along with Live Artificial Intelligence virtual and audio interactive Medium.


This is our Main project which has the ability to provide solutions to the Industries for the problems such as Fault Detection , Predictive Analysis .

VR for Product Sales

Virtual Reality can make your customers get your product's experience before buying it ! At VRSavvy we give your customers the positive emotions and better feelings by using your product in VR . We Connect the Dots !

VR Studio

An Interactive Studio from us is on its way so you can make your Ideas reach places virtually through our Platform ! #OpenSourceProject

Visual Analytics for Industries

Through IoT it is registered that nearly 1 TB of data is used every second throughout the world , analyzing them in order to identify Faults is a mammoth task in the existing Platform . So We do Data Analytics on each and every data .

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